Bedding Plant Auger 2 3/4" x 28"


Tired of digging all those holes by hand when you plant?

The BGT Garden Planter
Plant with Power!

Just attach this back and knee saver to any cordless or electric drill, and now you can drill all those holes without stooping over, without digging, you wont even get your hands dirty! Our Bedding Plant Auger comes with an extra long 28" shank, so you can dig all your holes while standing up! Imagine what your garden will look like when you plant 100 bulbs in the time it used to take you to plant 10. Thats right this will make you ten times faster! When you're not planting, use the bulb auger to aerate compost, mix soils and fertilizers, or make holes for fertilizer spikes. Super strong tool steel construction, back by our 3 year guarantee, this tool is tough. You can use this on any soil type to speed up your work. Try one today, your back will thank you.

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  • Model: BGT275

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