Hi-Lo Hanging Garden


Create dazzling displays of flowers, foliage & ferns.

Even if you don't have a 'green thumb' you can create beautiful displays indoors or outdoors with the Hi-Lo Hanging Garden Kit. Hanging planters are more popular today than since the days of Babylon and with good reason. People are discovering how much a hanging planter adds an interesting dimension to outside landscaping, decks, patios, arbors, gazebos, entrance-ways and any room inside the house. The problem with most of the 'hanging pots' available is that they are more functional rather than pleasing to the eye. Usually more pot than plant shows. We named our planter a "hanging garden" because in a very short time the 'pot' becomes invisible.

You can create beautiful displays indoors or out with the Hi-Lo Hanging Garden year after year. The Hi-Lo Hanging Garden will produce a wonderful floating confection of flowers and foliage without the tedious time and attention which is almost required with ordinary hanging pots. We named our planter a "hanging garden" because when everything is in bloom, the 'pot' is invisible! A self-watering wick draws water and fertilizer up from the base and evenly delivers these nutrients to the plants' roots. Our hanging garden is designed to give bigger and more abundant flower displays with less attention to watering and feeding.


1). Slide watering Wick Onto Metal Hanger.

2). Fill Base With Potting Soil Up To Lower Slots

3). Lay Starter Plants Sideways Thru Lower Slots 4). Add Additional Potting Soil To Cover Roots.
5). Lay 2cnd Layer Of Starter Plants In Upper Slots

6). Insert Green Collar To Secure All Starter Plants

7). Fill With Potting Soil To Top Of Green Collar

8). Plant Top Flowers Upright. Water and Hang.

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  • Model: BGT360

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