Compact Folding Saw

Better Garden Tools

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Don't let the size fool you! This saw packs a powerful punch. The 6 inch blade is hollow ground carbon steel. Featuring 7 double cut points per inch. This saw is both fast and durable. Cuts on the fore stroke and again on the back stroke, meaning no wasted effort. The double cut teeth are sharpened on both side, that means it is fast, but also stays sharp a long time. The Comfort Grip handle is light and reduces slippage. The lock works in both the open and closed position for extra safety. The blade can be replaced in the future, just contact us.

  • Fast and efficient
  • Folds small for portability
  • Locks both opened and closed
  • Doublecut teeth make for a speedy cut
  • Comfort non slip grip
Fast, lightweight and easy to handle, makes this small saw a powerhouse!