Multiple Tool Holster

Better Garden Tools

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    This is the canvas holster we offer at shows with Our Famous "Show" Combo. Keep your tools by your side and on your belt!  It will hold one big tool such as a lopper  (opening is 5" wide if you are using this for another tool). As well as three smaller tools. We use this for our show special, but you can use it for whatever tools you like.

      What we can put ours is our show special (Tools sold separately)

      The two smaller outer pockets are elastic and stretch to fit odd shaped tools. This will hold both our Heavy Duty Ratchet lopper as well as our Compact Ratchet Lopper, and three more tools.

      • Made with hard canvas stitched with thick thread
      • Durable, will last for years
      • Holds 4 tools, 1 lopper and 3 smaller tools
      • Keeps tools on your belt for easy access