16" Sickle Saw Large Limb Attachment

Better Garden Tools

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For our Pole Pruner, this light weight saw quickly swaps out the head of the tool to give you just a saw. Sometimes the limb is large and the rope gets in the way from the ratchet cutter head it comes with and this solves that problem. 16 inches long with a sickle on both ends of the saw, this will keep you from slipping off a branch when the saw is extended far out of reach. Japanese style double cut teeth cut both directions for a fast clean cut!

  • Fast tooth style makes for fast cuts
  • Makes your pole pruner lighter for sawing
  • Capable of cutting an 8 inch branch
  • Sickles on both end if cut, never slip off!
  • Strong steel alloy for longer life
If you find you have larger branches that are taking long time with the saw that comes with the pole pruner, this is what you need!