The "Ratchet" Spade Multitool

Better Garden Tools

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A very versatile tool. Because you can change the position of the top handle 360° you can get leverage no matter what your task. This gives it the uses of both shovel and spade and makes it much easier to drive into soil without using you foot for leverage. Made of cold rolled steel and the top handle can be replaced if broken.

Head features

  • A sharper side for cutting roots and hard soil
  • A rake side to smooth over after you fill in a hole
  • A split tip for weeding
  • Cold rolled carbon steel for strength

This spade can be used for

  • Weeding
  • Loosening Soil
  • Smoothing over a filled hole
  • Cutting small roots
  • Use like a shovel to move small amounts of dirt

Since its launch this has been one of our more popular tools. Because it is so versatile you will find many uses for it for years to come.

Available in two lengths as everyone is not the same height.

If you are over 5'6" choose the 48" one

If your not over 5'6" choose the short version